Invited talk and community discussion as part of “The Road to the Green New Deal Tour” organized by the Sunrise Movement [1:33:26]

Keynote, Vermont Interfaith Power and Light [49:18]

Crash Course in Ecological Economics, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics. [16:28]

From Fairy Tale to True Crime: Shifting Economic Genre in the Age of Humans, Big History Anthropocene Conference, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, Dec. 10, 2015. [41:01]

Economics for the Anthropocene, Gund Research Slam, ECHO Aquarium & Science Center, Nov. 20, 2014. [3:57]

The Dogma of Ecological Economics, Plenary Session, Canadian Society for Ecological Economics, Nov. 2, 2013. [25:44]

Unfinished Journey of Ecological Economics, U.S. Society for Ecological Economics, University of Vermont, June 9-12, 2013. [16:49]

Policy Design in Ecological Economics: Using Donella Meadows’ Leverage Points, Memorial University, Newfoundland, March 17, 2014. [1:12:06]

U.S. Ecological Economics and the Growth Problem, Vienna University of Economics and Business, March 2012. [5:54]

Introduction, Gund Teach-In, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, October 24, 2011 [5:18]

Disease Origins & Transmission, Emerging Science, Vermont Public Television, Feb. 22, 2010. [26:41]

Ecological Economics, Emerging Science, Vermont Public Television, first aired Feb. 8, 2010. [26:41]

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