State of the School

It was my great honor to address our community on August 20th with our annual State of the School report and reflect on the accomplishments, momentum, and challenges ahead.  The words of cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead certainly came to mind: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed,Continue reading “State of the School”

Graduating Class of 2013

May is always a month of milestones at our university. Diplomas, awards, and promotions recognize accomplishments and break new ground in the lives and careers of our students, staff, and faculty. Graduation is among the most memorable of May milestones, and this year’s 211th UVM Commencement presents to the world over 3200 graduates from 47Continue reading “Graduating Class of 2013”

Envisioning Environment at UVM

As maple taps run dry, snow turns to mud, and daffodils point to the warmer weeks ahead, March in Vermont reminds us that the only thing constant is change. Perhaps more than most springs, change is in the air at the Rubenstein School, and our community is ready for the opportunities and challenges ahead. TheContinue reading “Envisioning Environment at UVM”

Beginnings of a Strategic Plan

Every new semester feels a bit like being shot out of a cannon. This Fall’s launch has taken me a bit further than most. I was appointed Interim Dean of the Rubenstein School on October 1st and I’m still looking for the net. Thanks to the hard work and due diligence of now Emeritus ProfessorContinue reading “Beginnings of a Strategic Plan”