Unity over Discipline

I was honored this week to be a plenary speaker at the Innovations in Collaborative Modeling conference at Michigan State University. The title of my talk was “Unity over Discipline: Tales from the Borderlands of Two Cultures,” making the case that C.P. Snow’s infamous lecture “The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution” is as relevantContinue reading “Unity over Discipline”

Op Ed: Divestment makes economic sense

[Cross-posted from Erickson, Jon D., “Opinion: Divestment Makes Economics Sense,” Burlington Free Press,  May 1, 2016.] Gov. Peter Shumlin and a majority in Vermont’s House and Senate have called for divestment of state pension funds from coal and ExxonMobil. The environment and economy are so often seen in conflict, that it may be shocking forContinue reading “Op Ed: Divestment makes economic sense”

Green’s Give Mixed Reviews on VT’s E-cars

[Excerpt from Burlington Free Press] Consider the fossil-fuel impacts of our broader automotive lifestyle, and you’ll find that electric cars fall short of the ideal, suggests Jon Erickson, a professor of ecological economics at University of Vermont. Costs to society (and the planet) of metal extraction, manufacturing and road maintenance don’t appear in brochures forContinue reading “Green’s Give Mixed Reviews on VT’s E-cars”

Vermont Education Goes Global at Paris Climate Talks

[From Vermont Public Radio] As leaders in more than 150 countries prepare to meet in Paris with an eye toward forming a landmark climate agreement, some students at both Vermont Law School and the University of Vermont are preparing to make contributions of their own to the international effort to address climate change. UVM sophomoreContinue reading “Vermont Education Goes Global at Paris Climate Talks”

Could a Carbon Tax Work for Vermont?

[From Vermont Public Radio] At the moment there are a few proposals in the Vermont Legislature that would tax carbon. Dr. Jon Erickson, a professor at the University of Vermont’s Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, says they work by encouraging certain types of consumption, and discouraging others. “The idea would be to place a taxContinue reading “Could a Carbon Tax Work for Vermont?”

UVM Honorary Degree to Crea Lintilhac

Each year the University of Vermont recognizes outstanding individuals with honorary degrees at the main commencement ceremony.  Criteria for selection is sustained & dedicated commitment to public life & service, significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge, OR significant contribution to the University’s ability to achieve its mission.  The Rubenstein School was honored this morningContinue reading “UVM Honorary Degree to Crea Lintilhac”

The Environmental University

The study of environment at UVM has long been a collaborative, comprehensive, and campus-wide endeavor.  Cross-college degree programs in environmental studies and environmental sciences have decades of experience in bridging broad student interests. Transdisciplinary hubs in ecological economics, transportation, food systems, and climate change have distinguished UVM among our peers.  Campus sustainability initiatives ranging fromContinue reading “The Environmental University”

Here Comes the Class of 2018

During the spring semester I have the privilege of talking to prospective students and their families during Admitted Student Days.  After reflecting on how it seems like yesterday when I was in their seats (with Van Halen loaded in my Walkman and an 80s mullet to match), I provide a brief sketch of their futureContinue reading “Here Comes the Class of 2018”

Strategic Action Plan

The New Year brings an abundance of top 10 lists.  From songs and movies, to news stories and technology, Google “2013 top 10” and you’ll be inundated with one reflection after another of this past year.  There are even “not top 10” lists, cataloging the worse moments in sports, politics, or fashion.  Don’t worry, I’llContinue reading “Strategic Action Plan”